Globe Flooring



I am an experienced builder in Abbotsford-Mission area. I have seen lots of companies, selling flooring and worked with some of them, so I have a lot to compare with. Globe Flooring company and its skillful team of installers-Oscar, Andrew, Evgeniy and Dave have performed an excellent job in the houses,I built in Peppinbrook, Abbotsford and Turnbridge-Mission city. The prices for hardwood, vinyl and carpets in the company are very moderate and I buy all my materials from them. The sales consultant Galina is always very professional and has an approach to each customer,treating everybody with equal attention and respect, she always helps me and others to choose the right flooring products, matching the interior of the new houses, with high durability and reasonable price-wise. Installations are always done in a timely and highly-professional way, all the carpets are perfectly kicked and stretched, the wood is installed in a brilliant, and at the same time, quick way. Oscar and his team of professional floor- installers are always punctual, very polite, extremely hardworking, I have never seen such hardworking guys, and are ready to work with high energy until the project is completely done. I keep working with Globe Flooring and will continue referring them to other builders, designers and real estate specialists. Come and buy your quality flooring products from Globe Flooring, and you will definitely not regret it.

~ Rajinder Kumar, June 2012

I have recently moved from Burnaby to Abbotsford, because I have bought a big house in Peppin Brook, Abbotsford. My acquaintances referred me to Globe Flooring, when it came to choosing engineered wood and carpet for my new, dream-house. It is a small, family-owned company, but I was positively surprised, when a professional sales consultant Galina helped me and my wife Joanne, who is usually very selective about textures and colours and quite hard to please, to choose the same colour, texture and hue of laminate and hardwood, that ideally matched my tiles and kitchen closets. As a result, we have bought carpet, laminate and hardwood from Globe Flooring, and they were successfully and very quickly installed in our house thanks to Oscar, Andrew and other professional installers of Globe Flooring. We were amazed at how easily and quickly the guys from Globe Flooring installed everything ,and our project was finished in three days! So we could move in, and the whole procedure turned out to be less stressful, than we expected thanks to Globe Flooring. I keep advising this flooring company to all my friends and co-workers, and so far,everybody is happy with their work. They also have a great selection of famous Shaw floors products-wonderful carpets, area rugs and hardwood, and this company is giving up to25 years of guarantee for their products. So all the materials are of high quality and suit all budgets.

~ John and Joanne Anderson, March 2012

I own a three-bedroom townhouse in Burnaby. My townhouse was built six years ago, but this year I had to face a very stressful situation with the flood. My all furniture and floors in the townhouse were damaged by the flood, because of the neighbors’ careless attitude. I had to end up with a complete renovation of my townhouse, and here Globe Flooring company, Mt. Lehman Road, Abbotsford was of great help. My friends from the Russian Community advised me to come to Globe Flooring and make a deal with them. I was surprised, how reasonable their prices were in comparison with other flooring stores, I dropped in. I have chosen laminate of a very good quality and T-mouldings from Globe Flooring, and the sales consultant Galina did her job in an excellent way, helping me to choose the suitable colour of flooring with the skills of a real designer. I and my daughter Olga are usually very picky about everything, that concerns interior and especially the choice of the floor-installers, who will work in our house, because we had some negative experience with other companies before. The installer-Oscar has not only come to my house in Burnaby very quickly,though he works in Abbotsford and Mission area, but he also explained me all the smallest detail about the future installation and brought me some nice samples of materials from the store in Abbotsford to have more choice. The job was finished in one day and I was wondering, how quick and professional the team of installers was. After the job was done and all laminate was installed I have received a call from a very polite secretary, asking me about my impressions and she got a positive feed-back from me. I highly recommend you to work with Globe Flooring ,if you want a quick and very professional installation and good flooring products at a moderate price. Their individual attitude to each customer is just amazing! Sincerely yours.

~ Elena Palayeva, February 2013